Ship's Computer: Caution: Rogue robots. Caution...


[points at screen with them on it, EVE fires a laser blast at the screen, destroying it]

WALL.E: Ohh...

[folds up inside himself]

Ship's Computer: [advertising bodysuits] Try blue, it's the new red!

Ship's Computer: Time for lunch... in a cup!

Ship's Computer: Voice confirmation required.

Captain: Uhhh...

Ship's Computer: [after the "uhh" echoes] Accepted.

Mary: I didn't know we had a pool!

Mary: [a group of youngsters rolls on the floor of the leaning ship toward where their arms stretch out as a barrier beyond the other fallen passengers] John, get ready to have some kids!

Mary: [Mary is looking at the stars outside the Axiom while other passengers pass idly by] Oh! So many stars! Ah.

[she sees WALL-E and EVE flying around outside]

Mary: Oh! Hey! That's what's-his-name!

[backs up, bumps into John]

John: Hey! What the-?

Mary: Look! Look, look, look!

[she shuts off his chair and screen, making him aware of his surroundings]

John: Huh? What?

[sees WALL-E and EVE]

John: Hey... I know that guy! It's uh, uh... WALL-E! That's it! Hey - WALL-E! It's your buddy John!

Mary: [simultaneously] Hey! Hi, WALL-E!

[John casually puts his right hand upon Mary's]

John: [looks down, somewhat surprised; looks up at Mary, smiles] Hi.

Mary: [smiles] Hi.

John: [WALL-E is looking for EVE and bumps into John, turning off his display] What-what the?

[Notices WALL-E]

WALL.E: [Introducing himself] WALL-E!

John: Uhh... John...

WALL.E: EE-va?

John: [Confused] No? John.

WALL.E: [M-O has finished cleaning a severely damaged WALL-E, who strains to give a handshake] WALL-E.

MO: [M-O scrubs WALL-E's hand, then shakes it] M-O.

[M-O reverts to his box form]

WALL.E: [pause] M-O?

MO: M-O.

WALL.E: [another pause] M-O.

WALL.E: [showing EVE bubble-wrap and popping a bubble] Pop!

[points to EVE]

WALL.E: You pop!