Twice Born

Psicologa: What does the truth taste like?

Gemma: Aweful. Bitter.

Gemma: What does the Quran say? You can rent your belly to another woman?

Aska: The Quran says to help other people. And I'm happy to help a woman who's defective.

Armando: Diego, You're a photographer?

Diego: Yeah. Yeah I'm a photographer.

Armando: Eh... you work in weddings, advertising?

Diego: Puddles, mostly.

Armando: He fell from a cliff into the sea.

Gemma: There's no sea in Sarajevo.

Doctor: Her... orifices will heal slowly. It will take some time. I am ashamed to belong to the human race. God will not forgive us. Not even the children.

Doctor: I'm afraid that your eggs are incompatible with life. Your sterility factor is rated at 97%. We consider that total sterility.

Diego: What about the 3%.

Doctor: Miracles. Miracles do happen. This is Italy after all.

Diego: Are you ready?

Aska: Yes. Ready to live.

Diego: Life speaks through light.

Diego: [on phone] Hey. How are you? Are you OK? What do you need?

Gojco: [on the other end] A case of Brunello di Montalcino.


Gemma: Gojco, senti, how are you? How is Sebina?

Gojco: Ah, Sebina is fine. She is always jumping all over the place.

Gemma: Listen, put her on a plane, send her to us.

Gojco: No, no, relax. There is no war here. No one will ever touch Sarajevo.

Diego: [presenting a bouquet] You can't get real flowers anymore. So the florist in Markale started making paper ones.