Trouble in Paradise

François Filiba: Nice day, Major.

The Major: Eh-hmm.

François Filiba: You're looking fine, Major.

The Major: Now see here my good man, I've had just about enough of your insulting remarks.

François Filiba: Tonsils! Positively tonsils!

François Filiba: You know, if I like a man I remember him... and if I don't like him I never forget him.

Gaston Monescu: Do you remember the man who walked into the Bank of Constantinople, and walked out with the Bank of Constantinople?

Gaston Monescu: Everything will be all right again. Prosperity is just around the corner.

Gaston Monescu: I came here to rob you, but unfortunately I fell in love with you.

Gaston Monescu: I love you. I loved you the minute I saw you. I'm mad about you, my little shoplifter... . my sweet little pickpocket... . my darling.

Gaston Monescu: I see. You have to be in the Social Register to keep out of jail. But when a man starts at the bottom and works his way up, a self-made crook, then you say, "Call the police! Put him behind bars! Lock him up!"

Gaston Monescu: It could have been marvelous.

Mariette Colet: Divine.

Gaston Monescu: Wonderful... . But tomorrow morning, if you should wake out of your dreams and hear a knock, and the door opens, and there, instead of a maid with a breakfast tray, stands a policeman with a warrant, then you'll be glad you are alone.

Gaston Monescu: It must be the most marvelous supper. We may not eat it, but it must be marvelous.