The Singing Detective

Dan Dark: Are you pretending to be an oddball or are you actually nuts?

Dan Dark: Little men shouldn't sit where their feet don't touch the ground.

Dan Dark: Oh, cock, do not crow.

Dan Dark: So, what's the story? Who's the dame?

Mark Binney: How'd you know there's a dame?

Dan Dark: There's always a dame.

Dan Dark: There are things in that book, doc, that are reaching out to grab me by the throat.

Dr. Gibbon: Why don't you let them?

Dan Dark: When you're dealing with the devil praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Nicola: ...the plants are all dead.

Dan Dark: Good. I hope they suffered.

Second Hood: I'm sick of standing around here like a coupla dummies. Are we feds or aren't we?

First Hood: No. We're just a coupla hoods.

Second Hood: Shaddap!

[Second hood turns off the car radio]

First Hood: Hey, I like Patti Page.

Second Hood: Yeah, but does she like you?