The Prestige

Alfred Borden: Does he enjoy taking his bows under the stage?

Alfred Borden: Everything's going to be alright, because I love you very much.

Sarah: Say it again.

Alfred Borden: I love you.

Sarah: Not today.

Alfred Borden: What do you mean?

Sarah: Well some days it's not true. Maybe today you're more in love with magic. I like being able to tell the difference, it makes the days it is true mean something.

Alfred Borden: He came in to demand an answer and I told him the truth. That I have fought with myself over that night, one half of me swearing blind that I tied a simple slipknot, the other half convinced that I tied the Langford double. I can never know for sure.

Alfred Borden: He's a sharp lad, your son.

Sarah: He's my nephew.

Alfred Borden: Oh.

Alfred Borden: He's progressive, he's predictable, he's boring. I mean, Milton's got success, whatever that means, and now he's scared, he won't take any risks at all. I mean, he's squandering the goodwill of the audience with these tired, second-rate tricks...

Robert Angier: They're all favorites, please...

Alfred Borden: Favorites? Come on, give me something fresh, he wont even try a bloody bullet catch!

Cutter: A bullet catch is suicide, all it takes is some smart-ass volunteer to put a button in the barrel...

Alfred Borden: Fine, use a plant!

Robert Angier: You can't use plants for every trick!

Julia McCullough: There'll be no seats left for the punters!


Alfred Borden: Fine, no bullet catch, whatever, but the point is... a real magician tries to invent something new, that other magicians are gonna scratch their heads over, you know?

Cutter: Right, then you sell it to him for a small fortune?

Alfred Borden: All right...

Cutter: I suppose you have such a trick?

Alfred Borden: Actually, I do.

Alfred Borden: I love you.

Sarah: You mean it today.

Alfred Borden: Of course.

Sarah: It just makes it so much harder when you don't.

Alfred Borden: See, sacrifice, Robert. That's the price of a good trick. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Alfred Borden: Simple maybe, but not easy.

Alfred Borden: So... we go alone now. Both of us. Only I don't have as far to go as you. Go. You were right, I should have left him to his damn trick. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for a lot of things. I'm sorry about Sarah. I didn't mean to hurt her... I didn't. You go and live your life in full now, all right? You live for both of us.

Fallon: Goodbye.

Alfred Borden: [realizes Fallon's buried after trading him back] Alive?

Robert Angier: How fast can you dig?