The New World

John Rolfe: I think you still love the man, and that you will not be at peace until you see him. In my vanity I thought I could make you love me, and one cannot do that or should not. You have walked blindly into a situation that you did not anticipate.

Pocahontas: You are the man I thought you were and more.

John Rolfe: She weaves all things together.

John Rolfe: [voice over] Sweet wife, love made the bond, love can break it too.

John Rolfe: [voiceover] When first I saw her she was regarded as someone finished, lost, broken. She seemed barely to notice of the others about her.

John Rolfe: [voice over] Who are you, what do you dream of?

Pocahontas: We are like grass.

Captain Christopher Newport: All these months at sea. I'm weary of looking further. This place will serve. We have deep water to the shore. We can see up and down the river. Our enemies will have no advantage of surprise. Bring the anchors and the midsails to shore in case some homesick person decides to slip away with them. We must be careful not to offend the Naturals. If our crops fail, we shall be obliged to trade with them. Once we're established here, we may go up the river and seek a route to the other sea.

Captain Christopher Newport: Let him go.

Colonist: You said to hang him, sir.

Captain Christopher Newport: Now remember Smith, you've come to these shores in chains. You're under a cloud, which you'll darken considerably if I hear any more of your mutinous remarks. Is that understood?

John Smith: [nods in recognition]

Captain Christopher Newport: Tonight we shall sleep aboard our ships, everyone in full armor. In the morning, we will chop down every tree within half a mile of the moorage, and use the straightest limbs to erect a line of watchtowers and to build our fort. When we have done that, we set our wheat and barley, put up houses and lay in firewood. Slackers will be whipped at the sight of their transgression.

Emery: Sir.

Captain Christopher Newport: Yes, Emery?

Emery: When might we, uh, be going out to... poke about, sir?

Captain Christopher Newport: We are not here to pillage and raid. We are here to establish a colony.

Mary: He's left you, Princess. He told you a pack of lies. Forget about him.

Captain John Smith: How many lands behind me? How many seas?