The Men Who Stare at Goats

Lyn Cassady: Dear Mother Earth... I will drink your blue waters... and eat your green skin.

Lyn Cassady: I can't dance, sir.

Bill Django: Now that's not true, is it? What happened was someone told you you can't dance. Well, I'm your commanding officer, and I'm ordering you to dance!

Lyn Cassady: I'm very sorry for running you over, sir.

Mahmud Daash: It was an accident.

Lyn Cassady: And I apologize for that security detachment. I don't want you to think that all Americans are like that.

Mahmud Daash: I apologize for the kidnappers.

Lyn Cassady: Not your fault, sir. I mean, we've kidnappers in America and... There's always... bad apples.

Lyn Cassady: It's ok, you can "attack" me...

Bob Wilton: What's with the quotation fingers? It's like saying I'm only capable of ironic attacking or something.

Lyn Cassady: Once you understand the linkage between observation and reality then you begin to dance with invisibility.

Bob Wilton: Like camouflage.

Lyn Cassady: No, it's not like camouflage.

Lyn Cassady: [driving up behind a running prisoner yelling out the window] It's ok we're Americans, we're here to help you!

Bob Wilton: [Truck shakes and rattles a little bit] What happened?

Lyn Cassady: I think I just ran him over. Oh crap.

Lyn Cassady: There's a story that Wong Wifu, the great Chinese martial artist... had a fight with a guy and beat him. Then the guy gave him this light tap. Wong looked at him and the guy just nodded. That was it. He had given him the death touch. Wong died.

Bob Wilton: Then and there?

Lyn Cassady: No. About eighteen years later. That's the thing about Dim Mak... you never know when it's gonna take effect.

Lyn Cassady: While recovering in the hospital, Bill wrote to the Vice Chief of Staff for the Army, explaining that he wanted to go on a fact-finding mission... to explore alternative combat tactics. The Pentagon agreed to pay his salary and expenses. What Bill hadn't told the Pentagon was that he was really looking for the answer to his vision. How could his men's gentleness, their general lack of interest in killing people, be turned into a strength? How could love and peace help win wars? Bill knew where to go to find out. Bill disappeared into the New Age Movement for six years.

Lyn Cassady: [Continues talking while various images of Bill's experiences with New Age Movement are shown] Like all Shaman before him, he had traversed the wilderness. Now he was returning to his people, a changed man. He brought with him his confidential report, which he called: "The New Earth Army manual." The New Earth Army is a banner under which the forces of good can gather. The courage and nobility of the Warrior, blended with the spirituality of the Monk. The Jedi Warrior will follow in the footsteps of the great imagineers of the past: Jesus Christ, Lao Tse Tung, Walt Disney. The role of The New Earth Army is to resolve conflict world-wide. Jedis will parachute into war zones, utilizing sparkly eyes technique, carrying symbolic flowers and animals, playing indigenous music and words of peace...

Bob Wilton: What's... What's the sparkly eyes technique?

Bob Wilton: As we ran for cover, I thought this was what I wanted. I was on a mission, even if I didn't know what kind of mission it was. But I could hear the little man inside me again. He was screaming like a little girl.

Bob Wilton: Bill? Lyn told me he didn't deserve this eagle feather. He wanted me to give it back to you.

Bill Django: It's fake.

Bob Wilton: What?

Bill Django: This one's off a turkey.