The Last Supper

Jude: The conservatives are effective. They do things. All we do is buy animal-friendly mascara.

Zachary Cody: Liberals, never taking a stand you'd be willing to...

Luke: to die for?

Zachary Cody: Nah. Boy, dying is easy. There is nothing heroic about dying. But if you can take a stand for something you'd be willing to kill for, that is something, something special

Norman Arbuthnot: I'm the first to admit we took this country from the indians but what were they doing with it anyway; shooting off bows and arrows and using seashells for money.

Paulie: Look, we're liberals. We do the right thing.

Paulie: We've got to call the police. They'll understand.

Luke: Sure they would. Grad student kills war hero with a knife. You'll probably just get a ticket.

Luke: Is it crazy to make a difference?

Luke: It's 1909 and you're alone with a young artist named Adolph. Do you kill him?

Luke: People disappear all of the time.

Jude: Especially in Iowa. We probably saved him from an alien abduction.

Luke: What if you kill somebody whose death makes the world a better place?

Luke: You know what you need Heather? You know what you really need? A nice stiff dick to shut that big mouth of yours.