The Interview

Starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Randall Park, Lizzy Caplan
Genre: Comedy
Released In 2014

Rob Lowe: [replying to Skylark's question when did his baldness started] It started on "The Outsiders".

Bill Maher: [watching Dave's show] This is fucking bullshit!

Agent Lacey: Do not fight that tiger, you WILL die!

Agent Lacey: The CIA would love it if you two could... take him out.

Dave Skylark: Hmm?

Agent Lacey: Take him out.

Dave Skylark: Take him out?

Aaron Rapaport: For drinks?

Agent Lacey: No, no, no. Take him out.

Dave Skylark: Take out... like to dinner?

Aaron Rapaport: Take him out to a meal?

Agent Lacey: Take him out.

Aaron Rapaport: On the town?

Aaron Rapaport: To party?

Agent Lacey: No.


Agent Lacey: Take him out.

Aaron Rapaport: You want us to assassinate the leader of North Korea.

Agent Lacey: Yes.

Dave Skylark: Whaaaaaaaat?

Agent Lacey: You're going to have to put it in your ass.

Dave Skylark: Aaron, are you inside the tiger?

Dave Skylark: As the two best friends stared each other in the eyes, they knew that this might be the end of a long road. But they also knew how much they meant to each other. And even though neither one could say it out loud, they were both thinking...

Aaron Rapaport: [whispers] I love you.

[they embrace]


Dave Skylark: Get that goat! Get that goat! I have some questions for that goat.

Dave Skylark: Haters gonna hate, and ain'ters gonna ain't!