The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Marlene 'Marl' Craven: Cancel my morning.

Marlene's Assistant: But you have a showing! What do I tell them?

Marlene 'Marl' Craven: You have a Harvard education, make something up!

Marlene 'Marl' Craven: The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

Marlene 'Marl' Craven: These days a woman can feel incompetent if she doesn't make time for blow jobs and a home-made lasagna.

Marty Craven: Marlene was never much of a cook.

Peyton Flanders: Marlene, is everything all right?

Marlene 'Marl' Craven: No! I need a doctor. KNOW of any, Mrs Mott?

Peyton Flanders: [to schoolyard bully] I got a message for you, Roth! LEAVE EMMA ALONE! Look at me - if you don't, I'm gonna rip your fucking head off!

Peyton Flanders: This is my family.

Peyton Flanders: When your husband makes love to you, it's my face he sees!

Peyton: Are you a retard?

Solomon: No

Peyton: Did you like looking at me?... Did you like looking at me? Don't fuck with me, retard. My version of the story will be... better.

Peyton: My husband was my only family. He's the only one who really understood me... He took care of me. He was murdered.

Claire: Murdered?

Peyton: They never caught who did it. But I firmly believe, what goes around comes around.

Solomon: I won't let you hurt them!