The Grandmaster

Ip Man: I have watched you perform in the opera of life. You have shown great timing and skill; however you never went beyond the role you played.

Gong Er: I had no idea I have such an ardent spectator.

Gong Er: Every great age presents a choice: to go forward, or stay back. I prefer to stay back, in the happiest times of my life.

Gong Er: I had considered a career in opera years ago, I had received training. I had thought about it a lot: me on stage performing, and you in the audience watching...

Ip Man: What if your performance had sold out?

Gong Er: [smiles] You flatter me. I would have reserved a seat specifically for you.

Gong Er: My father would always say, people who practice martial arts go through three stages: seeing yourself, seeing the world, seeing all living beings.

Gong Er: No news is news.

Gong Er: Remember when I told you that there is nothing to regret in life? It's all bullshit. If life had no regrets it would be really boring.

Ma San: Gong Yutian spoke to me about his last move: Old Monkey Hangs Up His Badge. He said the secret of that move was to turn back. I didn't understand his meaning at the time, I thought he was unable to keep up with changing times...

Smoker: In the old days, if someone offered a smoke, the other had to accept even if he didn't smoke because otherwise, the man offering would lose face. Ip Man, please have a smoke.

[Ip Man takes the cigarette... ]

Smoker: You have the gift. Had I been a few years younger, we would have sparred. It's been an honour...

[walks off]

[Ip Man thrashes a goon who demands money allegedly for his mother's funeral]

Ip Man: [gives money] This is prayer money. Sooner or later, you'll join your mother.

Goon: Come to think of it, you remind me of my dad. Do you need a disciple?

[last lines]

Ip Man: They say I spread wing chung throughout the world. I hope that's true. I didn't do it to acquire renown. The martial arts should be open to all, everyone should walk the same route. It all comes down to two words: Horizontal, Vertical.