The Glimmer Man

Jack Cole: C'mon. Take your best shot!

[Cunningham swings and misses]

Jack Cole: No, I said your *best* shot!

[Cunningham swings and misses several times]

Jack Cole: Boring!

[Cunningham swings and misses several more times, then gets Cole in the nose]

Jack Cole: Is that the *best* you got, boy?

[Cunningham swings and misses]

Jack Cole: 'Cause if that's the best you got, I'm just gonna have to kill you.

Jack Cole: [starts choking Cunningham] IS *THAT* ALL YOU GOT?

Jack Cole: Do you speak Russian?

Jim Campbell: A little bit.

[Campbell starts banging the suspect's head to the trunk of the car]

Jim Campbell: Answer, god damn mother fucker! Or I'll beat the shit out of your dumb ass!

Jack Cole: You speak good Russian!

Jim Campbell: Yes, black Russian!

Jack Cole: It's called a mala. Tibetan pray beads.

Jim Campbell: What do you use 'em for?

Jack Cole: I use 'em to calm my mind and to purify my thoughts.

Jim Campbell: Yeah, I use Jack Daniels!

Jack Cole: See now, we're trying to go to same place. We're just using different technique.

Jim Campbell: Except I don't wear the bottle around my neck!

Jack Cole: That's because you'd lose your job if you did...

Jack Cole: Once and a while you should cry because it cleanses the soul and you can use a little bit of that.

Jim Campbell: If I need a cleansing, I'll have a bran muffin.

Jack Cole: [Campbell is shot through a window but catches the ledge on his way down. Cole brings him a rope from the roof] Hang on, Jim!

Jim Campbell: Good idea, Jack! I wouldn't have thought of that!

[Cole grabs him and they crash through an old lady's window]

Jim Campbell: Police business, ma'am. The elevator was broken.

Jack Cole: [regarding a dead Russian woman] What else do you see?

Jim Campbell: She's got nice tits.

Jack Cole: Exactly. But I think a little *too* nice.

[takes a scalpel and cuts open the woman's breast, removing a gel-filled implant with a serial number on it]

Jack Cole: Okay, partner. Run this number.

Jack Cole: You know, when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, I think you're probably happy. Pleased at what you see. And that disturbs me. So I'm gonna take it on as my responsibility to make sure that you never get to look in the mirror again.

Donald Cunningham: I woke up happy, I'm goin' to bed happy. 'Cause you're gonna be dead.

Lt. Jack Cole: Listen, um, I want you to deliver a message for me. You tell your asshole boss that nobody, *nobody* threatens me.

Donald Cunningham: I understand. I'll convey your feelings to Mr. Deverell.

Lt. Jack Cole: Now get your ugly white ass outta here and don't come back.

Mr. Smith: He's selling it to a bunch of Serbian freedom fighters.

Jim Campbell: You mean terrorists.

Mr. Smith: Semantics. You say tomato...

Jim Campbell: No, motherfucker, I didn't say tomato, I said terrorists.

Mr. Smith: [as Cole and Campbell are leaving] Gentlemen, leave us not forget that matter of the ambulance.

Jack Cole: I only shot you in one foot. Hobble to a hospital!