The Dark Knight

Lucius Fox: [on the midlevel shopping center in Hong Kong] It emits a high-frequency pulse for mapping an environment and records a response time.

Bruce Wayne: Sonar. Just like a...

Lucius Fox: [interrupting before he can say "bat"] Like a *submarine*, Mr. Wayne. Like a submarine.

Lucius Fox: [On the plan to capture Lau] Now, for high altitude jumps, you'll need oxygen and stabilizers; but I must say, compared to your usual requests, jumping out of an airplane is pretty straightforward.

Bruce Wayne: And what about getting back into the plane?

Lucius Fox: I'd recommend a good travel agent.

Bruce Wayne: Without it landing.

Lucius Fox: Now that's more like it. The CIA had a program back in the 60s for getting their people out of hotspots called Skyhook. We could look into that.

Lucius Fox: [to Reese] Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante, who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to blackmail this person?

[Reese's face falls and Fox smiles]

Lucius Fox: Good luck.

Lucius Fox: [Wayne Enterprises accountant Coleman Reese believes that he's discovered Batman's secret identity]

Lucius Fox: [in his office] Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands; and your plan, is to *blackmail* this person?

[pause, Reese looks nervous]

Lucius Fox: Good luck.

Lt. James Gordon: [after Bruce saves Reese by blocking a truck with his car] It's mister Wayne, isn't it? That was a very brave thing you did!

Bruce Wayne: Trying to catch the light?

Lt. James Gordon: You weren't protecting the van?

Bruce Wayne: Why, who's in it?

[Reese steps out, sees Bruce, who nods slightly]

Bruce Wayne: Do you think I should go to the hospital?

Lt. James Gordon: You don't watch a whole lot of news, do you, Mr. Wayne?

Lt. James Gordon: [in the back of a factory at 250 52nd Street] They'll hunt you.

Batman: You'll hunt me. You'll condemn me. Set the dogs on me. Because that's what needs to happen.

Lt. James Gordon: [in the interrogation room] Harvey Dent never made it home.

The Joker: Of course not.

Lt. James Gordon: What have you done with him?

The Joker: Me? I was right here.

[holds up his arms in handcuffs]

The Joker: Who did you leave him with? Your people? Assuming, of course, they are still *your* people, and not Maroni's. Does it depress you, commissioner? To know just how alone you really are? Does it make you feel responsible for Harvey Dent's current predicament?

Lt. James Gordon: Where is he?

The Joker: What's the time?

Lt. James Gordon: What difference does that make?

The Joker: Well, depending on the time, he may in one spot, or several.

Lt. James Gordon: If we're gonna play games...

[takes off Joker's handcuffs]

Lt. James Gordon: I'm gonna need a cup of coffee.

The Joker: Ah, the good cop, bad cop routine?

Lt. James Gordon: Not exactly.

Lt. James Gordon: [to Harvey Dent] Everyone knows you're Gotham's White Knight.

Batman: Because sometimes the truth isn't good enough.

[insert cut: Alfred burns the envelope from Rachel]

Batman: Sometimes, people deserve more.

Batman: in the interrogation roomWhere is Dent?

The Joker: You have all these rules and you think they'll save you.

Lt. James Gordon: [Batman slams the Joker against a wall] He's in control.

Batman: I have one rule.

The Joker: Oh, then that's the rule you'll have to break to know the truth.

Batman: Which is?

The Joker: The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules.

[mimicking Batman's voice]

The Joker: And tonight you're gonna break your one rule!

Batman: I'm considering it.

The Joker: Oh, there's only minutes left, so you're gonna have to play my little game if you want to save one of them.

Batman: [softly, fearful] Them?

The Joker: You know for a while there, I thought you really were Dent. The way you threw yourself after her!