The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

Sister Assumpta: Blake. A little advance don't you think?

Tim: Not really Sister. It's written simply enough for a six year old.

Sister Assumpta: So are the instructions for a handgun.

Sister Assumpta: But make no mistake, the culprits will be fingered. I will finger the culprits.

Father Casey: Jesus H Christ!

Tim: What does the H stand for Father?

Tim: Alright, seems like the perfect spot for deciding what you really want in life.

Francis Doyle: My own comic book bigger than anything that Marvel or DC has.

Tim: No, I'm talking about what you really want right now, like revenge on the one legged bitch in black and white!

Francis Doyle: [yells] Margie Flynn!

Tim: Shit. I knew it, Margie Flynn.

Tim: Are you with me here, altar boy?

Tim: Don't you ever tell me to get real. I know what fucking real is okay.

Tim: I burned all the skin off my hands. I can barely curl my fingers now.

Francis Doyle: There goes your sex life.

Tim: Risk leads to greatness.

Tim: Serious trouble beats serious boredom.

Tim Sullivan: *They? There is no they, we are they.*