The Cold Light of Day

Carrack: Is that you father's gun?

[Lifts up her pistol]

Carrack: Looking for something like this?

[smile freezes as a she is hit by a sniper]

Gorman: Of all the people who should've killed me...

[choked laugh]

Carrack: Oh, Will. What a mess. Looks like you're going to need some more stitches. And your little dead friend, too. Your mother's gonna freak out.

Carrack: Aw is that your father's gun? I'm sorry

[raises pistol]

Carrack: are you looking for something like this?

[gasps as she is shot with a sniper rifle by Zahir]

Carrack: Put the gun down, Will. You're scared, and scared people holding guns in my face, that scares me.

Will: Well, this is going to be a nerve-wracking conversation.

Carrack: [Firing her gun on finding Gorman dead] YOU FUCKING AMATEUR.

Will: Agent? How about terrorist?

Zahir: Terrorist? My wife and son met a terrorist once in a café in Bazzra, in an instant they and fifteen others were turned to ash in a resulting blast

[shows a cutting of a terrorist bombing]

Will: Carrack... you BITCH

Will: Dad was no traitor... Carrack played him, played him just like she played the Israelis

Lucia: Israelis are out there right?

Will: Let's hope so

Will: What was in that briefcase?

Bandler: There's only one way I can answer that

Zahir: The only thing keeping your family alive right now is their captivity.

Zahir: You know your father despite all the trouble he caused us... would've been proud of you