The Big White

Paul Barnell: Ready for a refill ?

Raymond Barnell: Does Mrs. Kennedy have a black dress?

Paul Barnell: [Margaret is bound and gagged in back seat of Jimbo's car] Why did you gag her?

Jimbo: [exasperated] You know!

Raymond Barnell: Why are the flowers talking?

Margaret Barnell: Congratulations, you've just kidnapped a handicapped person.

Margaret Barnell: Oh, fucking hell. I can't breathe.

Margaret Barnell: [referring to the dinner Gary cooked] Tastes like a rectal polyp.

Jimbo: [to Gary] How would she know?

Minister: Why is God, who is a loving God, capable of such things? When someone is taken from us at such a young age, we often ask ourselves why.

Margaret Barnell: Bullshit.