Tequila Sunrise

Dale McKussic: Nobody wants me to quit. You know, don't quit. Don't get caught. Stay on top long enough for us to knock you off. I mean, that's the motto around here. Nobody wants me to quit. The cops want to bust me. The Colombians want my connections. My wife, she wants my money. Her lawyer agrees and mine likes getting paid to argue with him. Nobody wants me to quit. I haven't even mentioned my customers here. You know they don't want me to quit.

Jo Ann: That is completely paranoid.

Dale McKussic: Hey, I'm just talking here. I'm not trying to convince you of a goddamn thing. And I may be paranoid, but then again nobody wants me to quit.

McKussic: [Carlos & McKussic struggle for a gun, which fires towards both of them] Shit

Carlos: Oh, Jesus Christ, look at that. You shot me

McKussic: So what? You shot me

Carlos: Look at that! Look at my stomach!

McKussic: You went too far, Goddamn it! Because you're my friend that means you get to kill anybody you want? I mean what the

[interrupted by Carlos]

Carlos: Will you stop talking? It's making me sick

McKussic: Jesus, that looks bad

Carlos: That's what I been telling you, for Christ's sake

Jo Ann: I'm sorry. I was just joking. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Dale McKussic: Aw, come on. It didn't hurt that bad. Just looking at you hurts more.

Jo Ann: So you thought Andy Leonard would give you respectability.

Dale McKussic: Yes, ma'am.

Jo Ann: Well what do you need it for?

Dale McKussic: ...You.

Jo Ann: [to Nick] Mr. McKussic, it seems, has been engaged in his business for purely romantic reasons, whilst you have been engaged in romance for purely business reasons.

Jo Ann: What is it? You need some chap stick or lip gloss or something? Because your lips keep getting stuck on your teeth. Or is that your idea of a smile?

Carlos: By the way, you fuck like a world champion. Four fucking hours! I got hungry just watching you.

Carlos: Don't worry, buddy. I won't kill her unless you approve.

McKussic: And if I don't approve?

Carlos: Then we'll talk until you do...

Carlos: I think it's time for both of us to quit. I've seen it coming for some time now, cocaine is no goddamn good for anyone. The future, the future is grass... grass, buddy. I got sixty ton of Thai stick coming in... it's on the way.

[slumps over dead]

Carlos: [to Nick, about Jo Ann] She would have fucked a snake!