Sam Foster: If this is a dream, the whole world is inside it.

Sam Foster: I've read your file.

Henry Letham: Well can I read your file?

Sam Foster: Tell me why you're here.

Henry Letham: I thought you read the file.

Sam Foster: [gesturing to the surrounding paintings on display] Are any of these yours?

Henry Letham: Ouch.

Sam Foster: What?

Henry Letham: Well... these are bad, Sam.

Sam Foster: [looking at the empty pill bottles] You can't drink while you're taking these.

Dr. Beth Levy: Mm. Apparently I can.

Sam Foster: What's this?

Henry Letham: I burned myself.

Sam Foster: You burned yourself? Why?

Henry Letham: Practicing for hell.

Sam Foster: Why do you think you're going to hell?

Henry Letham: Because of what I did. Because of what I'm gonna do.

Sam Foster: What are you going to do?

Henry Letham: [mimes a gun to his head]

Sam Foster: You're going to try to kill yourself? And how serious should I take this threat?

Henry Letham: Saturday at midnight. It's what I'm going to do.

Sam Foster: Okay, you've gotta know that everything just changed, if you talk to me about suicide I'm required to take certain actions.

Henry Letham: Wait, just deal with him

[indicating patient in waiting room]

Henry Letham: , and we'll talk about it next time.

Sam Foster: There's a next time?

Henry Letham: Yeah. Yeah, we got three days.

Dr. Leon Patterson: The Buddhists had it right all along. The world is an illusion.

Henry Letham: An elegant suicide is the ultimate work of art.

Henry Letham: Do you know the Tristan Rêveur quote about bad art? It's "bad art is more tragically beautiful than good art 'cause it documents human failure."

Henry Letham: What are you, a substitute shrink?

Sam Foster: I guess you could call me that.

Henry Letham: Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you.