Catherine: [to Dave Brown] You know what I think? I think you were a dirty cop from day one. You were a dirty cop with a dirty mind and you dirtied all of us up by default.

Dave Brown: Every shooting testimony contains inconsistencies. Otherwise you wouldn't have a job. No man whoever shoots and kills another man is entirely cogent in the moment. No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Joan Confrey: Did you learn that with the first man you killed?

Dave Brown: I learned that serving my country as a non-electric pop-up target in an often misunderstood crusade for liberty and justice, turned puppet-show for politicians, known as the Vietnam War.

Dave Brown: I don't cheat on my taxes... you can't cheat on something you never committed to.

Dave Brown: I want you to know, I never hurt any good people.

Helen: What about us?

Dave Brown: [giving driving lessons] You aim for the shortest wetback and watch him skedaddle. Plow the dice and the Schlitz Malt Liquor cans. And hit your siren as well. Let's see what we got...

[accelerates into pedestrians]

Dave Brown: [screeches to a halt] You'll get the hang of it.

Jane: Aren't you worried?

Dave Brown: About?

Jane: Getting a 1-28?

Dave Brown: Okay, listen, this is the most important thing I've told you so far. Everything you learned at the academy - bullshit. Illegal is just a sick bird. Just a military occupation, kid. Emergency law. Alright, let's have some fun...

Dave Brown: [to Kyle Timkins] Bear in mind that I am not a racist. Fact is, I hate all people equally. And if it helps, I've slept with some of your people. You wanna be mad at someone, try J. Edgar Hoover. He was a racist. Or the Founding Fathers, all slave-owners.

Dave Brown: [to Kyle Timkins] I've been up the river, motherfucker, when you were still sucking on your mama's tit.

Dave Brown: This used to be a glorious soldiers department. And now it's... you.

[indicating Jane]

Dave Brown: You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Linda Fentress: [consternation smile]

Dave Brown: In this bar.

Dave Brown: You wanna cuddle later?

Barbara: I have a boyfriend.

Dave Brown: Cheat on him!

Barbara: Like you cheat on your taxes?