Hefina: [laughing while holding a dildo in one hand and a gay magazine in the other] Jesus God that takes me back!

Hefina: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carl: Just talking to Kev about something.

Hefina: You can talk to Kev any day of the week. Get over there and find a gay or a lesbian right now.

Carl: Look, Hefina, I've shaken their hands, I've bought them a pint. See? I don't wanna labor the point, do I? I might, you know, give them the wrong impression.

Kevin: Right.

Hefina: [Sarcastically] Oh, Right. Because you're so bloody irresistible, is that it, Carl Evans?

Hefina: [Seriously] Listen to me, I've seen you dancing round my backyard with no clothes on since you were this high, and I can tell you right now, these gays have thrown better away.

Dai: Where are you from?

Gethin: Rhyl, originally.

Dai: [Hefina, Dai and Cliff turn serious] No, no way.

Hefina: [to Johnathan] Listen, we don't mind the gays, and the lesbians, that's fine. But don't you dare be bringing people from North Wales down here!

[an awkward silence follows and they all laugh]

Cliff: [the committee is discussing where the LGSM members will be staying] Cliff: I don't mind taking more, Hefina. Not the lesbians so much, because of their cuisine, but I'll take an extra gay.

Gwen: [as the LGSM coalition arrives in Wales] Dai? Your gays have arrived.

Bromley: I've never met a lesbian before

Steph: Really? I've never met anyone who irons their jeans.

Bromley: I live at home.

Steph: No shit! Is that where you got that lovely brooch?

[Bromley Hastily Removes a "Happy Birthday" Pin]

Bromley: That's embarrassing. It's today.

Steph: What are you? Ten?

Bromley: I'm twenty.

Steph: I wouldn't go spreading that around.

[Bromley Looks Confused]

Steph: You're illegal, darling. Sixteen for the breeders. Twenty-one for the gays. Did you learn nothing on that march? You're *still* a minor.

Bromley: Jesus!

Steph: Victory to the Minors.

Bromley: Just for future reference... my name is Joe!

Jonathan: You tell him, Bromley.

Bromley: They called us perverts.

Mark: Bromley, it's time for an important part of your education. Hands up, in this room, if you've ever been called a name like that.

[all the guys raise their hands]

Mark: Now, there is a long and honorable tradition in the gay community and it has stood us in good stead for a very long time. When somebody calls you a name... am I right Jonathan?

Jonathan: Dead right.

Mark: You take it and own it.

Joe: The thing is I'm actually from Bromley.

Mike: Well, don't worry about that. We're a broad church.

Reggie: Nobody said anything about hiding who we are.

Mark: Yes, they did. You.

Reggie: I just think if everybody takes it easy on the...

Ray: Flamboyance.

Reggie: We're more likely to fit in.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, just to be clear, when you say "flamboyance", you mean gay. And when you say "everyone", you mean me.

Mark: Jonathan.

Jonathan: Good. It's just I haven't spoken 1950s in quite a while.