Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Jack Sparrow: Ah! A heading. Set sail in a... uh... a general... that way! direction.

Jack Sparrow: Darling, I am truly unhappy to have to tell you this, but through an unfortunate and entirely unforeseeable series of circumstances that had nothing whatsoever to do with me, poor Will has been press-ganged into Davy Jones's crew.

Jack Sparrow: 'Ello beastie.

Jack Sparrow: Er, Mr. Gibbs...

Gibbs: Aye.

Jack Sparrow: I feel sullied and unusual.

Jack Sparrow: Gentlemen, what do keys do?

Leech: Keys... unlock... *things*?

Jack Sparrow: Have you not met Will Turner? He's noble, heroic - terrific soprano. Worth at least four... maybe three and a half. And did I happen to mention... he's in love? With a girl. Due to be married. Betrothed. Dividing him from her and her from him would only be half as cruel as actually allowing them to be joined in holy matrimony, eh?

Jack Sparrow: How are we going?

Gibbs: Including those four? That gives us... four.

Jack Sparrow: How did you get here?

Will Turner: Sea turtles, mate. A pair of them strapped to my feet.

Jack Sparrow: Not so easy, is it?

Jack Sparrow: Is this a dream?

'Bootstrap' Bill Turner: No.

Jack Sparrow: I thought not. If it were, there'd be rum.

'Bootstrap' Bill Turner: [hands him a bottle of rum]

Jack Sparrow: It's funny what a man will do to forestall his final judgment.

'Bootstrap' Bill Turner: You made a deal with him too, Jack. He raised the Pearl from the depths for you. Thirteen years you've been her captain.

Jack Sparrow: Technically...

'Bootstrap' Bill Turner: You won't be able to talk yourself out of this. The terms that apply to me apply to you as well. One soul, bound to crew a hundred years upon his ship.

Jack Sparrow: Yes, but the Flying Dutchmen already has a captain, so there's really...

'Bootstrap' Bill Turner: Then it's the locker for you! Jones' terrible leviathan will find you, and drag the Pearl back to the depths and you along with it.

Jack Sparrow: Any idea when Jones might release said terrible beastie?

'Bootstrap' Bill Turner: I've already told you, Jack. Your time is up. He comes now.