Porter: [narrating, after watching his wife stumble home in a drugged state] Old habits die hard, I guess... if you don't kick 'em, they kick you. Ain't marriage grand?

Porter: [voiceover] Crooked cops. Do they come in any other way? If I'd been just a little dumber, I could have joined the force myself.

Porter: [voiceover] Nobody likes a monkey on his back: I had three, and they were cramping my style. I was gonna' have to lighten the load.

Porter: [voiceover] Not many people know what their life's worth is. I do. Seventy grand. That's what they took from me. And that's what I was going to get back.

Porter: [voiceover] You'd think after five months of lying on my back, I would have given up any idea of getting even, just be a nice guy and call it a day. Nice guys are fine: you have to have somebody to take advantage of... but they always finish last.

Porter: Who makes the decisions?

Carter: Well, a committee would make the decision in this case...

Porter: One man... you go high enough you always come to one man... who?

Porter: You said it: they're not going to stop until they bury us...

Rosie: So?...

Porter: So we bury them first.

Fairfax: What are you doing this for, man? Is it the principle of the thing?

Porter: Stop it, I'm getting misty.

[starts to walk out]

Porter: And tell him it's $70,000!

Fairfax: $70,000? Hell, my suits are worth more than that!

Carter: Do you understand your value to the organization, Resnick?


Carter: You're a sadist. You lack compunction. That comes in handy.

Carter: I don't want Mr. Bronson hearing about this... he'll think I'm getting soft. One of his principles has always been: if you don't understand it, get rid of it... a stitch in time, so to speak, so... stitch this mutt up, Phil.