Gus Mancuso: ...goofy hibernation pod...

Gus Mancuso: [over the intercom] This is deck chief Gus Mancuso! Who the hell planted a tree on my ship?

Jim Preston: How do I send a message to Earth.

InfoMat: Interstellar messages are sent by laser array. This is an expensive service.

Jim Preston: Bite me!

InfoMat: Happy to help.

Jim Preston: Something's wrong.

Aurora: We're looking for wrong.

Jim Preston: [from the trailer] We were woken too soon... Ninety years too soon

Aurora: [shocked] We have too go back to sleep

Jim Preston: [solemnly] We Can't!

Jim Preston: [seeing Aurora in a beautiful black dress] Wow.

Aurora: You clean up pretty good yourself.

Arthur: I laughed at a man with no pants, until I realized I have no legs.

Arthur: Jim, these are not robot questions.

Arthur: They say Time Heals all wounds.

Aurora: Broken Hearts aren't that simple, Arthur.

Arthur: You two look fine this evening.

Aurora: We're on a date.

Arthur: Very nice.

Aurora: [to Jim] Took you long enough to ask. So why'd you give up your life on Earth?