Party Monster

Michael Alig: Come to my party?

Keoki: Oh dude, thank you so much.

Michael Alig: You could be my boyfriend.

Keoki: Oh actually, um, I'm not gay. I'm actually here with a couple of babes.

Michael Alig: Well, let's talk after a couple cocktails. Drink ticket?

Michael Alig: I just want to be loved.

James: [laughs] There isn't enough love in the whole wide world to satisfy you.

Michael Alig: I'm getting away with murder and you're just jealous.

Michael Alig: I need some money

James: But Michael I'm broke... and I have a stomach ache.

Michael Alig: It's not me that's tired. It's your club. No one wants to come here.

Peter Gatien: [hands Michael an envelope] That's a statement. The damage done to the club will be reimbursed from your earnings from this party and the next two parties that you throw.

Michael Alig: Wow! A job! You won't regret this.

Peter Gatien: We'll see.

Michael Alig: James, would I lie to you

James: All the time!

Michael Alig: Let's see... what else, oh once when I was 10 my Sunday school teacher took me back to his house. He taught me how to french kiss among other things...

Elke: He really took my boy under his wind. Very nice man.

Michael Alig: His mother caught us in the basement. She screamed, "I told you not to bring them here." He said, "Don't you'll frighten them away!"

Michael Alig: Look James, this is going to be more than a club. It will be like a home, for everyone who ever felt like a freak, for everyone who was ever beat on or spat on in highschool, for everyone who felt different. It will be like the factory and i'll be the next Andy Warhol.

James: Ok. Earth to you : Andy Warhol is still alive and well.

Michael Alig: Oh Angel! We did all your drugs and we need some more.

Angel: You did what?

Michael Alig: We did all your drugs and we need some more. Now!

Angel: You're gonna have to pay for all this.

Michael Alig: [scoffs] How about paying me some rent?

Angel: For what? For all the fucking drugs you've done for free? Forget it!

Michael Alig: Oh. I get it. You're a nobody who I turned into a somebody. Because of me people know who you are. Because of me you get to go on television but that isn't good enough for you because you think you're above it. You and your tired old angel wings.

Angel: Don't start with me, Michael.

Michael Alig: You're just some lame ass, Johnny come lightly, fairy faggot copy cat! You don't know your Skrink from your Skrod you stupid Logger Blogger! But still, no hard feelings?

Michael Alig: Oh, everyone, it's my birthday! Time to pay attention to me!