Paradise Now

Said's Mother: [to her son talking with his mouth full] Turn off that radio in your mouth.

Said's Mother: The world changes. Everything changes, but God. You'll see.

Said's Mother: Whatever your father did, he did for us.

Suha: And what about us? The ones who remain? Will we win that way? Don't you see that what you're doing is destroying us? And that you give Israel an excuse to carry on?

Suha: One day things will be better.

Taxidriver Suha: Sounds like you're not from here.

Suha: Why are you doing this?

Khaled: If we can't live as equals, at least we'll die as equals.

Suha: If you can kill and die for equality you should be able to find a way to be equal in life.

Khaled: How? Through your human rights group?

Suha: For example! Then at least the Israelis don't have an excuse to keep on killing.

Khaled: Don't be so naive. There can be no freedom without struggle. As long as there is injustice, someone must make a sacrifice.

Suha: That's no sacrifice. That's revenge. If you kill, there's no difference between victim and occupier.

Car Owner: It's still crooked.

Said: What?

Car Owner: It's still crooked.

Said: What, the bumper?

Car Owner: What else?

Said: It's brand new.

Car Owner: Maybe, but it's still crooked.

Said: I'll take another look at it, sir.

Car Owner: What for? It's crooked!

Said: I don't think so.

Car Owner: Are you saying I'm blind?

Said: No, but you might be mistaken. Looks can be deceiving.

Car Owner: My eyes are fine, and thank God for that.

Said: And it's not crooked.

Car Owner: Yes, it is! It's fucking crooked!

Khaled: No, it's not.

Car Owner: Get Abu Salim and have him look at it.

Khaled: It's not crooked. You're probably cross-eyed.

Car Owner: What did you say?

Khaled: It's straight at a ruler.

Car Owner: Go get Abu Salim. He'll tell you.

Said: I'll check it with a level.

[he takes a level and gives it to Khaled, who checks it]

Car Owner: So who's cross-eyed now?

Said: You are, sir. See? The ground's uneven, but the bumper's straight.

Car Owner: Are you trying to screw me over? I can see it myself.

Car Owner: [to Saïd] It's crooked! Just like your father!

Jamal: Do you remember the martyr Abul Azzam? He was very security minded. He said, if you fear death you're already dead. If you don't, you'll have a sudden and painless death. He drove the Mossad crazy. They spent millions trying to capture him. When they surrounded him, and he knew his fate was sealed, he opened the door and shouted, you've come to late!

Jamal: If you're not afraid of death, you're in control of life.