Out of the Furnace

Russell Baze: Come work at the mill. I told you Roach would give you a job.

Rodney Baze Jr.: No, man, I'd rather be fucking dead. Fuck the mill.

Russell Baze: Fuck the mill. I work at the mill, you little fucker. It's good enough for me, it was good enough for our dad.

Rodney Baze Jr.: The fucking mill killed our dad!

Russell Baze: Hey, how you doing?

Rodney Baze Sr.: Okay.

Russell Baze: I'm here.

Rodney Baze Sr.: That's why I'm okay.

Russell Baze: It sounds like they're not doing a goddamn thing. Now, either you're all afraid to go in there... or, uh... you just don't give a shit.

Chief Wesley Barnes: You're walking down the wrong road. I said I'm into it, and I said I'll handle it. Don't make this personal. You need to stay out of my business.

Russell Baze: Stay out of your business. Stay out of your business. You know what? While I was away, it seems that all that you was into was my business.

Chief Wesley Barnes: So that's what this is, you got a problem with me.

Russell Baze: Yeah, I got a problem with you.

Russell Baze: [about jail] Could be worse.

Rodney Baze Jr.: How could it be worse?

Russell Baze: Well. I could've gone to Iraq with you.

Rodney Baze Jr.: No shit.

Russell Baze: No shit.

Rodney Baze Jr.: I asked Lena to come down here, she said some bullshit about not wanting to see you like this.

Russell Baze: She would. She doesn't like this place very good...

Rodney Baze Jr.: She doesn't like this place? What, is there someone that likes this place?

Russell Baze: Just give her a break. What about you, you still seeing the... the... "woof-woof...? Woof-woof! Down!"

[he makes more dog sounds, and they both laugh]

Rodney Baze Jr.: Oh man... I almost forgot about her. Thanks a lot.

Russell Baze: There's nothing wrong with working for a living.

Rodney Baze Jr.: Working for a living? What do you call this, motherfucker?

[shows long scar on his belly]

Rodney Baze Jr.: Is that working for a living? Huh? Is it working for a living when a carried my best friend's legs under this arm, and the rest of him under this arm? I saw a fucking baby with his fucking head cut off. I saw a fucking pile of feet in the middle of the street, and I had to clean it up. I gave my fucking life for my country. That's not work?

Russell Baze: You got a problem with me?

Harlan DeGroat: I got a problem with everybody.

Russell Baze: You let me worry about who's the nasty son of a bitch.

Harlan DeGroat: I want my fucking money, Petty. You hear me, you fucking cunt. Give me my fucking money. I don't give a shit how you get it, give me it. You fucking cunt.

John Petty: Now, will you calm down. I'll get you the money, Harlan. I'm fixin' for a fight this week.

Harlan DeGroat: You've been saying that but you've been fuckin' jerkin' me off. Give me my fucking money, you cunt.

Harlan DeGroat: Where's my fucking money?

Rodney Baze Jr.: I should have popped that motherfucker.

John Petty: That would be the last motherfucker you ever popped.

Rodney Baze Jr.: Am I supposed to be scared of him because he sucks on a lollipop?