Katherine: Oh my god.

Martin Bells: This just doesn't happen! This is not happening! Cray, why are you doing this? What the hell are you doing?

Inspector Thomas Cray: Stop asking for the "how" and "why" Martin!

Katherine: You had strange dreams last night.

Martin Bells: I did?

Katherine: Mmm. You were breathing really heavily. Kept kicking your legs and moaning.

Martin Bells: You sure we weren't having sex?

Katherine: Pretty sure. Yeah.

Martin Bells: Don't you see it, that's all I've gotta do. Just sit on my ass. Sit. On. My. Ass.

Martin Bells: How do you know it's just the one guy?

Inspector Thomas Cray: Can I trust you?

Martin Bells: Well yeah, absolutely.

Inspector Thomas Cray: Can I trust you with a bit of privileged information?

Martin Bells: Oh yeah.

Inspector Thomas Cray: He has his signature.

Martin Bells: Signature?

Inspector Thomas Cray: He takes their eyes.

Martin Bells: The police have a suspect.

James Gallman: Who is it?

Martin Bells: It's me.

Martin Bells: You're a fucking nutcase!

James Gallman: That's Mr. Fucking Nutcase to you!

Martine Bells: [Of James' thumb] : Does it hurt?

[James smiles]

Martin Bells: Let's grow old together.

James: Let's get older.

Martin Bells: Now, there's a challenge.

Martin: You're insane!

James: No, I'm not.

Inspector Thomas Cray: Have you ever been killed before? I'll be back in a minute.

Inspector Thomas Cray: I want you to do me a favor, Martin.

[tosses Martin a baseball bat]

Inspector Thomas Cray: Hit me.

Martin Bells: What?

Inspector Thomas Cray: Come on, Martin. Hit me. How much more can you take? Do you know what they're going to do to you, Martin? They're going to snuff you out, like a bug hitting a windshield. You're going to die anyway, Martin. Don't you know that you're going to die? Now come on, Martin. You've got to do something. Protect yourself, save yourself. Martin, this is your last chance. Do something! Or I'll take your girlfriend's eyes.