National Treasure

Ben Gates: Are you all right?

Patrick Gates: What do you think? I'm a hostage.

Ben Gates: A toast? Yeah. To high treason. That's what these men were committing when they signed the Declaration. Had we lost the war, they would have been hanged, beheaded, drawn and quartered, and-Oh! Oh, my personal favorite-and had their entrails cut out and *burned*!

[brief pause]

Ben Gates: So... Here's to the men who did what was considered wrong, in order to do what they knew was right...


Ben Gates: what they knew was right.

Ben Gates: Dad, where are the letters?

Patrick Gates: I don't have them, son.

Ben Gates: [pause] What?

Patrick Gates: I don't have them.

Ben Gates: [Another pause] Where are they?

Patrick Gates: I donated them to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

Ben Gates: Time to go.

Ben Gates: Do you know what the preservation room is for?

Riley Poole: Delicious jams and jellies?

Ben Gates: Do you trust me?

Abigail Chase: Yes.

Ben Gates: If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.

Ben Gates: I leveled with you one hundred percent.

Abigail Chase: Give me the Declaration, Mr. Brown.

Ben Gates: OK, my name's not Brown. It's Gates. I leveled with you ninety-eight percent.

Ben Gates: I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence!

Ben Gates: I'm in a little trouble.

Patrick Gates: Is she pregnant?

Ben Gates: If she is would you leave the mother of your grandchild standing out in the cold?

Patrick Gates: Come in.

Abigail Chase: [to Riley] I look pregnant?

[He shakes his head]

Ben Gates: I'm workin' on it!