Annie Wilkes: Anything else I can get for you while I am in town? How about a tiny tape recorder, or how about a handmade pair of writing slippers?

Paul Sheldon: No, just the paper would be fine.

Annie Wilkes: Are you sure? Because if you want I can bring back the whole store for you!

Paul Sheldon: Annie, what's the matter?

Annie Wilkes: WHAT'S THE MATTER? I'll tell you "what's the matter!" I go out of my way for you! I do everything to try and make you happy. I feed you, I clean you, I dress you, and what thanks do I get? "Oh, you bought the wrong paper, Annie, I can't write on this paper, Annie!" Well, I'll get your stupid paper but you just better start showing me a little appreciation around here, Mr. MAN!

Annie Wilkes: God came to me last night and told me your purpose for being here. I am going to help you write a new book.

Paul Sheldon: You think I can just whip one out?

Annie Wilkes: Oh, but I don't think Paul, I know.

Annie Wilkes: He didn't get out of the COCKADOODIE CAR!

Annie Wilkes: Here's your pills.

Paul Sheldon: Annie? Annie, what is it?

Annie Wilkes: The rain. Sometimes it gives me the blues. When you first came here, I only loved the writer part of Paul Sheldon. Now I know I love the rest of him, too. I know you don't love me, don't say you do. You're beautiful, brilliant, a famous man of the world and I'm... not a movie star type. You'll never know the fear of losing someone like you if you're someone like me.

Paul Sheldon: Why would you lose me?

Annie Wilkes: Book's almost finished, your legs are getting better. Soon you'll be wanting to leave.

Paul Sheldon: Why would I leave? I like it here.

Annie Wilkes: That's very kind of you, but I'll bet it's not all together true.

[pulls out a gun]

Annie Wilkes: I have this gun.

[pulls the trigger]

Annie Wilkes: Sometimes I think about using it. I'd better go now. I might put bullets in it.

Annie Wilkes: I'm your number one fan. There's nothing to worry about. You're going to be just fine. I will take good care of you. I'm your number one fan.

Annie Wilkes: I thought you were good Paul... but you're not good. You're just another lying ol' dirty birdy.

Annie Wilkes: MISERY IS ALIVE, MISERY IS ALIVE! OH, This whole house is going to be full of romance, OOOH, I AM GOING TO PUT ON MY LIBERACE RECORDS!

Annie Wilkes: No! Not my Misery! No, no, no! Not my Misery!

[Paul the grabs the typewriter and hits her violently in the head, causing that Annie's sleeve catches fire]

Annie Wilkes: No!

[Annie turns off the fire, moves the typewriter aside and gets up to grab Paul]

Annie Wilkes: I'm gonna kill you, you lying cocksucker!

[Paul gouges her eyes with his thumbs and hits her in the nose - Annie takes her gun and shoots Paul in the shoulder, then he jumps out of the wheelchair and attacks Annie]

Paul Sheldon: [Paul takes the burnt paper] You want it? You want it?

[He shoves the burnt paper down her throat]

Paul Sheldon: Eat it! Eat it till you choke, you sick twisted f**k!

[Annie kicks Paul and gets up - Too bad! Paul makes Annie fall and hits her head on the corner of the typewriter]

Annie Wilkes: Now that's an oogie mess.

Annie Wilkes: Now the time has come. I put two bullets in my gun. One for me, and one for you. Oh darling, it will be so beautiful.