Harry Pearce: If I'd given up the fight the moment I realized I was on the losing side, my career would have been a short one.

Harry Pearce: I have something which by rights should be yours... Your father was wearing it the night he died. The Stassi stripped his body of everything that could be useful and It found its way into an FSB archive somewhere.

Will Holloway: He was wearing a wedding ring on the night of his op.

Harry Pearce: Ordinarily he wouldn't have, but he just found out that he was to have a son... I didn't decommission you because you weren't good enough. After your father I couldn't...


Harry Pearce: ... I had to protect you. The good ones tend not to last Will

Will Holloway: [Harry is walking away] Then who does?

Harry Pearce: [Harry stops and turns around] The ones like me.

Harry Pearce: I need to find someone outside the service that I can trust. It's a short list when you take off the drunk, the mad and the dead.

Harry Pearce: [Revealing he's poisoned June for her treachery] I had the pub lunch too... you never noticed that capsule I put in your food... the same capsule you gave me... the one that causes massive fatal internal bleeding, now you can either spend your last hours in hospital in futile hope and needlessly suffering... or you can spend it with your loved ones

[looks outside to see June's sister and niece playing in the garden]

Harry Pearce: [to Will] It's quite telling the fact that the closet thing I have to a friend is someone who thinks I've ruined his life.

Will Holloway: [about MI5] You can do good, or do well.

Will Holloway: [Around 113.00 in darkened garage] Sorry... you would have brought back up otherwise

Hannah Santo: Who says I didn't ?

Harry Pearce: I do

Will Holloway: We can get to Qasim, but we need help. Call it in and we disappear.

[Hanna is about to make the call]

Will Holloway: One clean choice Hanna... trust me, and help me... or walk away.

Hannah Santo: Do good or do well hey?

[lowers phone from ear and hangs up]

Hannah Santo: sh_t... I thought you were going to kill him.

Harry Pearce: One thing at a time Miss Santo.

Will Holloway: [by radio] They're nearing position. Anything?

Malcolm Wynn-Jones: Not a sausage. The self-perpetuating algorithm I wrote last night is constantly updating, revising all potential vantage points.

Will Holloway: Sudoku not cutting it then?

Will Holloway: [From the trailer] You can either do good or you can do well... sooner or later they make you choose

Will Holloway: [pointing gun at him] Why'd you bring him here?

Harry Pearce: I made a choice; to stop the attack on London. To expose the traitor.

Will Holloway: With no backup plan?

Harry Pearce: I had a backup plan. You. Why do you think I kept you out of that room?

Will Holloway: People are still dead, Harry.

Harry Pearce: Far fewer than would have died in the bombings.

Will Holloway: How do you make a choice like that?

Harry Pearce: It's my job.

[walks away from him]