Teddy: But when you killed him I, I was so convinced that you'd remember. But it didn't stick... like nothin' ever sticks, like this won't stick.

Teddy: Finished playing with yourself there, Lenny?

Teddy: Hey! Hey, that's not your car!

Leonard Shelby: [takes a picture of the Jaguar] It is now.

Teddy: Jesus Chri- you can't take it!

Leonard Shelby: Why not?

Teddy: Because the guy you killed owns it; somebody will recognize it!

Leonard Shelby: Well, I rather be mistaken for a dead guy than a killer.

Teddy: It's beer o'clock, and I'm buying.

Teddy: Nice shot, Liebowitz.

Teddy: Someone has to pay, Lenny. Somebody always pays.

Teddy: So you lie to yourself to be happy. There's nothing wrong with that. We all do it.

Teddy: [checking Leonard's pulse] You're living.

Leonard Shelby: Only for revenge.

Teddy: Was he scared?

Leonard Shelby: Yeah, I think it was your sinister moustache.

Teddy: Fuck you.

Teddy: We found him, you killed him!... But you didn't remember.