Love Story

Oliver Barrett III: If you marry her now, I'll not give you the time of day.

Oliver Barrett IV: Father, you don't know the time of day!

[walks away]

Jennifer Cavalieri: Please, Phil, about the church bit.

Phil Cavaleri: What?

Jennifer Cavalieri: Well, we're kind of negative on it.

Phil Cavaleri: I didn't necessarily mean the Catholic Church.

[to Oliver]

Phil Cavaleri: You know that Jennifer is Catholic? She may have told you that. And her sainted mother always dreamed of... the whole mass rigmarole, but you're... But God would bless this union in any church.

Jennifer Cavalieri: Phil?

Phil Cavaleri: Yeah?

Jennifer Cavalieri: About the God bit.

Phil Cavaleri: Yeah?

Jennifer Cavalieri: We're sort of negative about that, too.

Jennifer Cavalieri: You look stupid and rich.

Oliver Barrett IV: Well, what if I'm smart and poor?

Jennifer Cavalieri: *I'm* smart and poor.

Oliver Barrett IV: Well what makes you so smart?

Jennifer Cavalieri: I wouldn't go out for coffee with you that's what.

Oliver Barrett IV: Well what if I wasn't even gonna ask you to go out for coffee with me?

Jennifer Cavalieri: Well that's what makes you stupid.

Jennifer Cavalieri: You're gonna flunk out if you don't study.

Oliver Barrett IV: I am studying.

Jennifer Cavalieri: Bullshit. You're looking at my legs.

Oliver Barrett IV: You know, Jenny, you're not that great looking.

Jennifer Cavalieri: I know. But can I help it if you think so?

Phil Cavaleri: Amen.

Boy: It hasn't started yet.

Phil Cavaleri: How am I supposed to know? I've never been to a do-it-yourself wedding before.

Oliver Barrett IV: Jenny... I'm sorry.

Jennifer Cavalieri: Don't. Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Oliver Barrett IV: Listen, you conceited Radcliffe bitch.

Oliver Barrett IV: Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Oliver Barrett IV: See, I think you're scared. You put up a big glass wall to keep from getting hurt. But it also keeps you from getting touched. It's a risk, isn't it, Jenny? At least I had the guts to admit what I felt. Someday you're gonna have to come up with the courage to admit you care.

Jennifer Cavalieri: I care.

[first lines]

Oliver Barrett IV: What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died? That she was beautiful and brilliant? That she loved Mozart and Bach, the Beatles, and me?