London Boulevard

Jordan: I fancy celebrities are rather like the Olympians of old.

Jordan: It's a nice day if you like that sort of thing.

Jordan: Please bear with me. I'm making all this up. I'm a model of efficiency.

Jordan: See you're not allowed to do more than one thing which is why a polymath such as myself prefers to do nothing.

Dr. Raju: My wife was a very shrewish woman. I told her finally, I love you, but I want to enjoy my life. She was more outraged by that than anything I'd ever said to her.

Mitchel: Were you an actor?

Jordan: Am. I'm resting.

Mitchel: Work's what you do when you'd rather be doing something else, right?

Charlotte: Do you know what a woman's for in film?

Mitchel: Go on, then.

Charlotte: What this job is that I'm supposed to want?

Mitchel: I'm listening.

Charlotte: A woman is there to get the hero to talk about himself. About his hopes, about his fears, maybe even about his fascinating, fucking childhood.

Charlotte: Do you like violence?

Mitchel: I will hurt someone before they hurt me.

Charlotte: It's the Cape Canaveral of shitty marriages.