Lethal Weapon 4

Martin Riggs: Flied lice?

Uncle Benny: Flied lice? It's fried rice, you plick.

Martin Riggs: I'll draw his fire and you run for cover.

Roger Murtaugh: No. No, no, no. *I'll* draw his fire and *you* run for cover.

Martin Riggs: What are you, out of your mind? You got a wife, kids. I got a lot less to lose than you.

Roger Murtaugh: Riggs, I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but Lorna's pregnant and you're gonna be a father.

Martin Riggs: No. Get going. Get... what did you say?

Roger Murtaugh: You're gonna be a father.

Martin Riggs: I'm not too old for this shit.

Martin Riggs: It's like...

Roger Murtaugh: You're getting too old for this shit.

Martin Riggs: Yeah.

Roger Murtaugh: How about that? Finally.

Martin Riggs: No, I can't be. I mean, I'm only... Jesus.

Roger Murtaugh: Yeah, you're only. You can't beat the clock, Riggs.

Martin Riggs: Oh. *Leo*.

Leo Getz: Hey, Riggs.

Martin Riggs: You want to get yourself shot? Is that it?

Leo Getz: No.

Martin Riggs: What the hell are you doing here?

Leo Getz: I was tailing you

Leo Getz: I'll leave you alone, okay? I mean, I guess you want to be alone

Martin Riggs: Okay,I appreciate it

Leo Getz: You know, when I was a kid, I had a pet frog

Martin Riggs: What?

Leo Getz: Just give me a second. Let me tell you this, okay?

Leo Getz: Uh, I had this pet frog, his name was Froggy. He was my best friend in the whole world. I didn't have a lot of friends. As a matter of fact... okay I had no friends, and uh, I used to kiss the frog, too. I thought maybe, uh, that it would turn into a princess since I was a boy, and uh, it could be my mother. They told me that she left or something, and my father was no bargain, and so just the frog. Froggy was my friend and I really loved him, and I took him everywhere with me, and I was riding on my bike one day and he jumped out of the box, and uh, I ran him over with the back tire. I killed him. I was really heartbroken. Really, he was my best friend in the whole world; the only thing I ever loved. And then I met you and Roger, and you guys really looked after me a lot more then you had to.

Martin Riggs: Geez, we're terrible to you, Leo.

Leo Getz: No no, it's okay, it's okay. You are my family. You are my friends. You are not better friends than Froggy. You're just different, and, uh, I just thought that *maybe* that might be relevant. Okay. I'll leave you alone now.

Martin Riggs: Plus they shot at me and Rog, and that pisses us off.

Uncle Benny: Really? Ha, too bad they missed!

Martin Riggs: So this must have been what Uncle Benny meant by Four Fathers. Looks like Japan's version of the Marx brothers. Let's see we got Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and uh, Fucko.

Martin Riggs: So who's the lucky, soon-to-be-dead son-in-law?

Martin Riggs: Uh, there's something I'm not supposed to tell you, too.

Roger Murtaugh: What?

Martin Riggs: Rianne's pregnant, you're going to be a grandfather.

Roger Murtaugh: Rianne's *what*?

Martin Riggs: What I wouldn't give for a siren right now!

Roger Murtaugh: [sticking his head out the car window] Aawwwww!