Jack the Giant Slayer

Elmont: Fear of heights?

Jack: Fear of falling.

Elmont: Well then don't fall!

Elmont: Get the king to safety!

King Brahmwell: [draws his sword] Like hell!

Elmont: There's something behind me, isn't there?

Elmont: This is a terrible idea.

Jack: Have you ever killed a giant before?

Elmont: And you've killed, what, one? Which makes you an expert now?

Elmont: Well, she's not in the house. This is the only other place she could have gone.

Crawe: If she climbed down, we would have seen her.

Elmont: [notices a footprint in the mud] She didn't climb down. She climbed up.

Roderick: Why would she do that?

Crawe: If she were cold.

Elmont: Or hungry.

Jack: [to himself] Or looking for an adventure.

Roderick: Did you really think you were the hero of this story? Don't you know we all think that?

[he tries to stab Elmont's hand, but he takes the blade and stabs his own hand, which goes through Roderick's foot]

Elmont: I may not be the hero of this story, but at least I get to see the end of it!

Wicke: Why is it that people always scream before they die? Do they think it's gonna help them?

Uncle: [p.o.'d at his nephew for the 'goods' received in trade for his horse] ... I don't ask for much... In return for all those years I put food in your belly; clothes on your back; a roof over your head... So what do I have to show for it?... Beans!

Jack: I'll, I'll take them to The Abbey tomorrow and we'll tell the monks what happened!

Uncle: You believe that story?

Jack: I mean, he was a monk!

Uncle: -Cuz he wore a robe... funny haircut?

Jack: Am I dead?

Elmont: Not just yet.

Jack: Isabelle, hold on tight.

[grabs a liana he has cut in the giant tree]

Jack: Ready?

Isabelle: No...

Jack: JUMP!

[they jump from the falling tree, hanging on to the liana. They swing around the tree before the tree begins to fall alarmingly fast and they are headed for the ground]

Isabelle: Jack, hold me!

[Jack sees a haystack, aims for it and lets go. They hit it, but keep gliding forward in the mud, heading for a sharp farm object. They stop just in the nick of time for hitting it]

Jack: Well, that worked out better than I expected.