Nelle Harper Lee: America is not a country where the small gesture goes noticed. We're not a country like France, where charm -- something light or effervescent -- can survive. We want everything you have, and we want it as fast as you can turn it out.

Marella Agnelli: So you think your book is worth a human life?

D.A.'s Secretary: I'm sorry. The D.A. doesn't take calls from strange women.

Truman Capote: Who says I'm strange?

Perry Smith: ...I am not a character. I'm a human-fucking-being.

Perry Smith: What is punishment? Being in jail isn't punishment, if you didn't like it on the outside. And neither is death, if it was painful to live.

Slim Keith: [of Truman's lover Jack] He has the social graces of a syringe.

Truman Capote: Artists have the power, through our imagination to escape and degenerate world and create a better one.

Truman Capote: Imagine being told your work lacked kindness by a four-time killer!

Truman Capote: The only way to deal with vulgarity is to rise above it.

Truman Capote: When you're talking to them, they seem like perfectly nice boys. To be frank, I'm much more concerned for my safety around Norman Mailer.