House Party

Bilal: Kick your bitch to the curb and let me ride with my equipment! I'm the DJ.

LaDonna: Bitch? Who you callin' a bitch? Your mama's a sorry bitch.

Bilal: Hey, my mama ain't no bitch.

LaDonna: If I'm a bitch, your mama's a bitch.

Bilal: Hey, I'll kick your ass. I'll fight a girl.

LaDonna: I know. I heard your ass was beat by a couple.

Bilal: [dancing with a girl] Girl, you're so soft, like my hush-puppies. You're so warm and fluffy, like a butter-milk biscuit. You make me want to squeeze tighter and tighter. Nah, I'm not gonna lie. You make a nigga wanna sing.


Bilal: Always and fo-evah! Each moment wit you. Is just like a dream to me, AND you, that somehow came true. Ooo...

Bilal: Yo Kid, we have yo back.

Kid: Yeah, way back.

Stab: Man, fuck you, toy cops!

Cop #2: Wait, wait, don't call it in. Why bother with the paperwork? We can handle this shit ourselves.

Cop #1: What do you want to do with them?

Cop #2: Take'em down to the docks. Nobody can hear them scream.

Pee Wee: Aw shit.

Stab: [Preparing to burn down Play's house during the party] Anybody got a light?

Cop #2: [shines a flashlight on them] How about a Bud Light?

Stab: Yo, I'l put my foot so far up yo ass you be shittin' sneaker for a month

StabZillaPee Wee: I smell pussy!

Zilla: After getting beat up by those cops, I"m about ready to whip somebody's ass.

Zilla: [Kid is trapped inside a worn out Ice box hiding from the Full Force Brothers] Yo Kid, so I guess this is how you got that Ugly Style Fade on top of yo Head.

Stab: ...and Hey, we hear you a Rapper, so we got a Rap for yo Ass. You're runnin' round Town like a Faggot in Heat, Me and My Boys can't be beat...

Zilla: ...but where ever you go, we're gonna smell ya like Gas...

Pee Wee: ...and we're gonna kick your fuckin' A-ass!

Stab: You got yo silly Ass trapped in the Ice Box...

ZillaStabPee Wee: ...with no where to Go-oh!

Zilla: What happened to homie's shoe?