Kissin' Kate Barlow: The lake goes around for miles. You, and your children, and your children's children, will dig for a hundred years, and you will never find it.

[she picks up a yellow lizard]

Kissin' Kate Barlow: Start digging, Trout.

[She puts the lizard to her arm. It bites her, and she dies, laughing softly]

The Warden Walker: How about you dig, and Caveman can fill the canteens? So what do you want to do?

Mr. Pendanski: I'll fill the canteens.

The Warden Walker: I am surrounded by cow turds.

The Warden Walker: Is that all you jackasses can dig?

The Warden Walker: [while all the boys are digging out a deep trench, Armpit tries to dupe the Warden into thinking that he has found something which is obviously nothing more than a recently broken TV nob] Are you trying to be funny, or do you just think I'm stupid?

Armpit: No, ma'am. I wasn't trying to be funny.

The Warden Walker: Excuse me?

Mr. Sir: You know something, Armpit? Your little joke has just cost you a week of shower privileges.

The Warden Walker: Stanley, won't you just open it? Just let me see what's inside it, please!

Stanley: Excuse me?

The Warden Walker: This is my special nail polish. I make it myself. You Want to know my secret ingredient? Rattlesnake venom. I just love what it does to the coloring. It's perfectly harmless... when it's dry.

Mr. Sir: All life begins with water. So think of it this way, I'm givin' you life. Say thank you.

Stanley: Thank you, Mr. Sir.

Mr. Sir: Everything turns to callous eventually. That's life!

Mr. Sir: How did that get there? Did it fall from the sky?