Harsh Times

Jim Davis: Damn, those are bad-ass kicks, dawg. You're lucky you got little bitch feet, or else I'd be stompin' around in them mother fuckers.

Jim Davis: Freeze, bitch! I'm gonna take that big ass of yours home!

Jim Davis: Fuck you, God! You ain't got the fuckin' balls to take my ass!

Jim Davis: Hey, later, Patty! I hope you're not pregnant, but you know you wanted me to blow in you.

Patty: [gives him the finger] Fuck you!

Jim Davis: I'll be a super recruit!

Jim Davis: I'm a soldier of the apocalypse, man!

Jim Davis: I see dumb people.

Jim Davis: It's good you're doing positive shit!

Jim Davis: I wanna get fucked up.

Jim Davis: Man, fuck the sticks! LA city's the shit!