Happily N'Ever After

Frieda: Forty flights of stairs in heels? This had better be good...

Frieda: Girls, mom's gonna take matters into her own hands, don't wait up.

Frieda: Go forth! Find Cinderella, and bring her to me!

Wolf #1: [pauses] Us? Work?

Wolf #2: Before NOON?

Giant: Yes, well, ah, we're more nocturnal villains. You see, that means we operate at night.

Frieda: I hate that girl! She's so... girly!

Frieda: The *DISHWASHER* saved her? This is like a good dream you can't wake up from!

Ella: Rick! I was dancing with the prince and my dress disappeared!

Rick: Ok, too much information, but thank you!

Ella: [gushing to Rick about Prince Humperdink] Oh, did you see him today? Who's he wearing?

Ella: [the Prince sniffs the air as they dance] What's wrong?

Prince Humperdink: I detect the strangest smell of pumpkin.


Prince Humperdink: I like pumpkin.

Munk: Are you sure about this?

Rick: No. Act cool.

Rick: [to Troll guards] Hey I'm just tryin' to put money in your pocket playa. Yo.

Munk: Umm... Yo?

Mambo: Yo! We're cool. We're low. We're on the down low. The DL. Down low. Way down we're slowly rolly polly oly.

Mambo: [after Munk pulls him away from the guards] Hey! What's wrong with you? I'm down!

Munk: Cinderella, going to the ball... again.