Hannah Montana: The Movie

Vita: I can get her a private jet if she wants.

Hannah Montana: Yes! Ive always wanted one of those!

Lorelai: She only flies west to east.

Robby Ray Stewart: What? Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life.

Robby Ray Stewart: She is so in trouble.

Robby Ray Stewart: Think of it as a Hannah Detox.

Robby Ray Stewart: You aren't up to your matchmaking again are you?

Ruby: Me? No, never.

Robby Ray Stewart: You got in a shoe fight!

Hannah Montana: Daddy, don't do this.

Robby Ray Stewart: I Think we're done.

Hannah Montana: So you're saying I can never be Hannah again?

Robby Ray Stewart: Ask me in 2 weeks.

Security Guard: Stop in the name of Security!

Lilly Truscott: Ooh. I want a cowboy.

Lilly Truscott: [after being denied tickets to the Hannah Montana concert] You're the only popstar I know who can't get into her own concert.

Lilly Truscott: [after Miley crashes her party as Hannah] You will never ever make it up to me