Rachel: Can you take care of Emma just for today?

Ross: Sure, just lend me your breasts and we'll be on our way.

Rachel: ...How many centimeters am I dilated? Eight? Nine?

Dr Long: Three.

Ross: Just three? I'm dilated three!

Rachel: I don't want my baby's first words to be "How You Doing"

Rachel: I'm not someone who goes after a guy five minutes after he's divorced.

Monica: No, you go after them five minutes before they get married...

Rachel: See? Unisex.

Joey: Maybe *you* need sex. I just had it a few days ago.

Rachel: No, Joey, U-N-I-sex.

Joey: I wouldn't say no to that.

Rachel: Wha... married?

Ross: Well, yeah, I think we should get married!

Rachel: What? Because that's your answer to everything?

Rachel: You know, Ben, I was your daddy's girlfriend.

Ben: But you're not anymore. Because you were on a break.

Nora Bing: Hi, Chandler. This is Dennis. He's a great guy...

Nora Bing: [softly] ... and a fantastic lover.

Chandler: Hello, Dennis. Thank you for pleasing my mother so.

Monica: Anyway, are you gonna get a handyman to install all this stuff?

Rachel: No, I was going to do this all by myself.

Joey: [laughs] You're gonna do it?

Rachel: Yeah. Why, you don't think a woman can do this?

Joey: Oh, women can. You... can't.

Monica: Are you sure you peed on the stick right?

Rachel: How many ways are there to do that?