Forever Young

Claire Cooper: You're holding my heart.

Daniel: And set your brakes.

Nat Cooper: Right.

Daniel: No, don't say, 'right' - - say, 'check'. 'Right' gets confusing. 'Check'.

Nat Cooper: Check.

Daniel: Right.

[Nat looks sideways at Daniel with a slightly exasperated "Are you giving me a hard time?" expression]

Daniel: Are you Nat Cooper?

Nat Cooper: It's the dead guy!

[Felix runs in to the hallway, and also sees Daniel]

Felix: It's the dead guy!

Daniel: Do you ever feel lost?

Claire Cooper: I invented it. It's mine.

Daniel: [climbing out of the wrecked airplane] If she comes with a warranty, I'll take her!

Nat Cooper: [outside Alice's window, singing] You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.

Alice's Father: Is this some kind of prank?

Nat Cooper: No, sir. No, sir this is very serious. My name is Nat Cooper and I'm in love with your daughter.

Alice's Father: Nat... go home.

Nat Cooper: You're lying!

Felix: I am NOT lying. My dentist said he's never seen so many cavities in one mouth and that he's sending a sample of my saliva to the University of Wisconsin!

Harry Finley: [as they walk away from the wrecked airplane] Danny, please - - don't work for the airlines, okay?

Daniel: Bet you thought I wasn't gonna pull up, didn't you?

Harry Finley: Well, that thought crossed my mind.

Daniel: Oh, it crossed MY mind, too, I can tell you.

[Teasing Daniel]

Claire Cooper: Stop following me!