Eye of the Beholder

Joanna: Congratulations, Daddy.

Joanna: I have never been to Cleveland, and everybody looks like somebody else.

Joanna: You like sharks?

Gary: I like the myths. They have limited memory. Maybe only a minute or two. Sounds like a pretty good life to me. Of course, the downside is they can never stop swimming. Even when they're asleep, they have to keep moving forward, 'cause if they stop even for a moment, they'll die.

Stephen: If I blink, I might lose her.

Lucy Wilson: So?

Stephen: So the last time I blinked, I lost you.

Stephen: My wife was right. I spent my whole life hiding behind computer screens, and it cost me my daughter. But it's time to let go because... because I met an extraordinary woman and she needs my help. I won't make the same mistake twice.

Gary: I'm sure every man and his dog has tried a line on you, but has anyone ever told you you have very sad eyes?

Joanna: Well, yes, they have, Gary. Has anyone ever told you you need a shower?

Alex: On the arms of a blind man is the safest place for a beautiful woman to be.

Alex: [as to her selecting him for marriage] Why me?

Joanna: Because you can't see who I really am, and I think it's in the stars.

Det. James Cross: [as Joanna draws his gun] Don't touch that.

[Joanna confidently shoots him]

Lucy Wilson: So, like I said, if you like her so much, why don't you talk to her?

Stephen: I don't talk to anyone.

Lucy Wilson: You talk to me.

Stephen: You're not real.