Hollie Baylor: A few days after Mitch died I was walking through the yard and I saw our neighbor who was a very good friend of Mitch's, Bob, and he saw me coming through the gate, and he said, "I am so sorry for your loss." And I knew that he needed to feel that loss, too, and to share it, and I wanted to help him. And he put his arms around me, he cradled me, and his embrace tighted. Finally, here was somebody who truly cared. And then, I felt something else.

[audience starts laughing]

Hollie Baylor: Some-thing huge.

[the laughing gets harder, Drew and Heather look embarrassed]

Hollie Baylor: Let's just say it, let's just say it. A BONER!

Hollie Baylor: All forward motion counts.

Hollie Baylor: It takes time to be funny. It takes time to extract joy from life.

Hollie Baylor: I was still waiting for everything to start, and now it's over.

Hollie Baylor: [looking at a picture of Mitch] I love you. This is for you. Your favorite song on a Saturday night.

[Moon River plays]

Hollie Baylor: We were complete opposites and it worked. And something happened between us that was not part of the plan... we were in love.

Phil DeVoss: I am ill-equipt in the philosophies of failure.

Claire Colburn: And so we all became helpers, which I *so* can't help. I can't help helping.

Claire Colburn: Do you ever just think I'm fooling everybody?

Drew Baylor: You have no idea.

Claire Colburn: Hey, now we actually have a shot at being friends for the rest of our lives.

Drew Baylor: The rest of our lives... hm...