Drugstore Cowboy

Bobby: There's nothing more life-affirming than getting the shit kicked outta ya'.

Bobby: We played a game you couldn't win... to the utmost.

Bob: All these kids, they're all TV babies. Watching people killing and fucking each other on the boob tube for so long it's all they know. Hell, they think it's legal. They think it's the right thing to do.

Bob: Alright everybody just act cool. Just like we got back from church.

Bob: A sheriff's convention no less! Why couldn't it have been a Tupperware convention?

Bob: Babe, you're going to flip out when you see this one man!

Bob: Diane was my wife. I loved her, and she loved dope. So we made a good couple.

Bob: Father Murphy? Hey Tom.

Tom the Priest: Well well. Bad Bobby Hughes. Imagine seeing you here after all these years.

Bob: You live here too?

Tom the Priest: I have nowhere else to go. There is no demand in the priesthood for elderly drug addicts.

Bob: Hats. Okay? Hats. If I ever see a hat on a bed in this house, man, like you'll never see me again. I'm gone.

Diane: That makes two of us.

Nadine: Why a hat?

Bob: Because that's just the way it is, sweetie.

Bob: I knew it in my heart. You can buck the system but you can't buck the dark forces that lie hidden beneath the surface. The ones some people call superstitions.