Diary of a Nymphomaniac

Marie Tasso - Abuela de Valére: A woman without a trade has 2 options Marriage or prostitution. That's about the same.

Marie Tasso - Abuela de Valére: Nymphomania, a man's invention to make women feel guilty if they break the rules.

Hassan: In my country they say Allah told the south wind that he'd create the Arabian horse from it. So be it, said the wind. He held a puft and tied it to the horse's mane it wouldn't forget where it came from but it turned out to be so fast and cunning that no one could ride it, and it was Ishmael the first faithful, who was able to tame one of them and called it Kuhaylan, the Black Antelope. You're more difficult to tame than that first horse.

Valérie: I rather he fucks well. I'll buy the flowers.

Valérie: You smell of fields, of wet, recently cut grass.