Camp Rock

Connie Torres: My sweetie, you are so much more than you can see.

Connie Torres: Okay, sweetie, let's get settled in.

Mitchie Torres: [she lays her stuff on her bed] Uh... settled!

[a man walks in]

Brown Cessario: That's great! Brown Cesario. Camp director/founding member and bass guitar of the Wet Crows. And you must be Connie Torres, our new cook.

Connie Torres: That's me. And this is my daughter...

[the cabin door shuts with no one to be seen]

Connie Torres: ...uh... who's already gone.

Brown Cessario: Ah, no worries. She probably just wanted to get out there, get to it. You know what I mean? When the music calls, you got to answer.

Connie Torres: I can't wait for you to meet her though. She has got a great voice. Look at me, I'm already bragging.

Brown Cessario: Ah, you gotta brag, love. Learned that from the Micster. Jagger.

Connie Torres: You knew Mick Jagger?

Brown Cessario: Yeah. Backed him up for years. Great times, great times! But not as great as the time when I taught Aerosmith...

[scene drifts off]

Steve Torres: Mitchie, you were fabulous.

Connie Torres: Honey, I'm sorry you didn't win.

Mitchie Torres: But I did. I won the best summer of my life, thanks to you.

Steve Torres: [while grilling burgers] So, how was work?

Mitchie Torres: Uh, you know Barney's. We serve burgers with a Barney smile. So what's for dinner?

Steve Torres: Burgers.

Connie Torres: Well, our World Famous Torres burgers.

Mitchie Torres: Um... I'll pass.

Steve Torres: Okay, I can't stand it. Tell her.

Connie Torres: Well, Steve, she just got home.

Mitchie Torres: Tell me what?

Connie Torres: [to Steve] Okay, honey, drum roll.

Mitchie Torres: Mom!

Connie Torres: Okay! You're going to Camp Rock!

Mitchie Torres: What?

Steve Torres: She said you're going to Camp Rock!

Connie Torres: Well actually, we're going. Connie's Catering is going camping. Business is slow in the summer. This is a steady job and you get to go to camp at a discounted rate!

Mitchie Torres: Aaahhh!

Connie Torres: But you have to help out in the kitchen.

Mitchie Torres: Thank you! Thank you like a million times!

[they all hug]

Brown Cessario: Come on up, Margaret Dupree!

Ella: Who's Margaret?

Peggy: I am.

Ella: Go, Margaret!

Brown Cessario: Eenie, meenie, miney, you.

Mitchie Torres: Me?

Brown Cessario: Can't argue with the finger.

Tess Tyler: I'll do it!

Brown Cessario: Uh, no. The finger picked her.

Brown Cessario: If the class is a rockin', I'm-a glad I came knockin'!

Brown Cessario: I hate when I have to be uncool.

Brown Cessario: I know you're singing a solo, but it's so low I can't hear you.

Brown Cessario: Now get out there, steal their hearts, and rock it, poppet!