Before the Fall

Albrecht Stein: [reading from his essay] "As childish as it sounds, the winter time and the sight of freshly fallen snow always fill us with inexplicable joy. Perhaps because as children, we associated it with Christmas. I always imagine myself the hero who killed dragons, rescued virgins, and freed the world from evil. As we went out yesterday to find the prisoners, I felt like that little boy who wanted to save the world."

Vogler: Albrecht, stop.

Albrecht Stein: But as we returned, I understood that I am part of the evil that I wanted to save us from.

Vogler: Albrecht, stop.

Albrecht Stein: Shooting prisoners is wrong. They were not armed, as Governor Stein told us, to incite us. We didn't shoot men, only children.

Vogler: Out!

Christoph Schneider: Pull yourself together!

Albrecht Stein: Pull myself together? Do you know what we just did? You shouldn't have shot! You shouldn't have shot!

Tjaden: I didn't give the order. Your father said they had guns!

Albrecht Stein: Why are you looking at me like that?

Friedrich Weimer: I'm not looking at you.

Albrecht Stein: I know what you're thinking. Don't look at me like that!