Batman Begins

Lucius Fox: It's called memory cloth. Notice anything?

[Bruce runs the material through his fingers, and shrugs, "no."]

Lucius Fox: Regularly flexible. But put a current through it...

[the cloth springs into the shape of a one-person tent]

Lucius Fox: Molecules re-align, becomes rigid.

Bruce Wayne: What kind of shapes can you make?

Lucius Fox: Can be tailored to fit any structure based on a rigid skeleton.

Bruce Wayne: Too expensive for the Army?

Lucius Fox: I don't think they tried to market it to the billionaire, spelunking, BASE-jumping crowd.

Bruce Wayne: Look, Mr. Fox.

Lucius Fox: Yes, sir?

Bruce Wayne: If you're uncomfortable...

Lucius Fox: Mister Wayne, if you don't want to tell me exactly what you're doing, when I'm asked, I don't have to lie. But don't think of me as an idiot.

Bruce Wayne: Fair enough.

Lucius Fox: [Bruce points to the Tumbler] The Tumbler? Oh you wouldn't be interested in that.

[Cuts to Bruce test driving the Tumbler on an indoor course, with Fox in the passenger's seat describing the vehicle]

Lucius Fox: She was built as a bridging vehicle. During combat, two of these would jump over a river, towing cables. Over here on the throttle, flip that open and throttle up. This will boost you into a rampless jump.

[Bruce goes to flip the throttle]

Lucius Fox: Not now! Not... not now, Sir!

[Bruce flips it back]

The Tumbler: Afterburner disengaged.

Lucius Fox: We never could get the damn bridge to work, but this baby works just fine.

[Bruce brings the Tumbler to a stop. He is very impressed]

Lucius Fox: So what do you think?

Bruce Wayne: Does it come in black?

Lucius Fox: [Bruce Wayne is recovering after being poisoned by Scarecrow] I analyzed your blood, isolating the receptor compounds and the protein-based catalyst.

Bruce Wayne: Am I meant to understand any of that?

Lucius Fox: Not at all, I just wanted you to know how hard it was. Bottom line, I synthesized an antidote.

Bruce Wayne: Could you make more?

Lucius Fox: You planning on gassing yourself again, Mr Wayne?

Bruce Wayne: Well, you know how it is, Mr Fox. You're out at night, looking for kicks, someone's passing around the weaponized hallucinogens...

Lucius Fox: I'll bring what I have. The antidote should inoculate you for now.

Jim Gordon: [hearing bat sounds] What is that?

Batman: Back-up.

Flass: What the...?

[bats swarm around Arkham]

Jim Gordon: [sideswipes several cars with the Tumbler; grimaces] Sorry!

Batman: Falcone sent them to kill you.

Rachel Dawes: Why?

Batman: You rattled his cage.

[throws photos of Judge Faden with prostitutes]

Rachel Dawes: What's this?

Batman: Leverage.

Rachel Dawes: For what?

Batman: To get things moving.

Rachel Dawes: Who are you?

Batman: Someone like you. Someone who'll rattle the cages.

Batman: [driving the Batmobile while being chased by the police] Hold on.

Rachel Dawes: What are you doing?

Batman: Short cut.

[He turns the Tumbler and smashes through the gate of a parking garage entrance. The guy at the booth simply looks on as the police enter the garage enter him. He makes his way up to the rooftop]

Uniformed Policeman #1: Air one to ground. Block that ramp.

[Bruce backs the Tumbler into a compact parking space by pushing aside the cars in the two adjacent spaces]

Uniformed Policeman #1: He's got no way off that roof.

[One of the cops takes out his megaphone and says]

Policeman # 2: Turn off your engine! Step away from the car!

Batman: Trust me.

[presses a button]

The Tumbler: Weapon system activated.

[He fires a charge, destroying part of the concrete barrier at the edge of the roof. Then Batman accelerates the Tumbler towards the gap. As the Tumbler nears the edge, it goes into a rampless jump to scale the street. It makes its way across the rooftops]

Policeman # 3: [on the street] Who is this guy?

Policeman # 4: Where's he going?

Policeman # 3: He's on the roof.

[He looks up to see debris coming over the edge of the roof]

Policeman # 4: What street is he taking?

Policeman # 3: He's not on a street! He's flying on rooftops!

[the Tumbler jumps onto the roof of a church, destroying part of the roof as it crosses. It eventually jumps onto a highway, and takes an offramp to the lower level of Wacker Drive]

Batman: [has laid a snare-trap which yanks Flass by his leg 70 feet into the air] Where were the other drugs going?

Flass: I never knew. I don't know. I swear to God...

Batman: Swear to *me*!

[He rapidly lowers a screaming Flass and then yanks him back up]

Flass: I don't... I don't know. I never knew. Never. They went to some guy for a couple of days before they went to the dealers.

Batman: Why?

Flass: There was something... Something else in the drugs... something hidden.

Batman: What?

Flass: I never went to the drop-off point. It was in the Narrows. Cops only go there when they're in force.

Batman: Do I look like a cop?

Flass: No...!

[rapidly lowers Flass once more before dropping him to the ground]

Batman: [meeting Gordon carrying an unconscious Rachel out of Arkham] How is she?

Jim Gordon: [handing Rachel over] She's fading. We gotta go. I'll get my car.

Batman: I brought mine.

Jim Gordon: Yours?

[Batmobile blasts out and races by]

Jim Gordon: I've gotta get me one of those.

Batman: [perched on the railing of a stairway behind Gordon's home] Storm's coming.

Jim Gordon: [closing the door to his kitchen where his wife and son are] The scum is getting jumpy because you stood up to Falcone.

Batman: It's a start. Your partner was at the docks with Falcone.

Jim Gordon: Well, he moonlights as a low-level enforcer.

Batman: They were splitting the shipment in two. Only half went to the dealers.

Jim Gordon: Why? What about the other half?

Batman: Flass knows.

Jim Gordon: He won't talk.

Batman: He'll talk to me.

Jim Gordon: Commissioner Loeb set up a massive task force to catch you. He thinks you're dangerous.

Batman: What do you think?

Jim Gordon: I think you're trying to help...

[Gordon looks away momentarily; upon turning back, he finds that Batman has disappeared]

Jim Gordon: But I've been wrong before.